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Working together makes us stronger

There were two blue butterfly pea flower companies in our local area. The Blue Pea Company and Lamun Tea. We have now joined forces and are working together to become stronger.

We are also working with local rice farmers to teach them how to grow blue flowers through a farming co-operative sponsored by the local government’s organic team. Here farmers can get a good and reliable price for their flowers and other products and the means to grow.

Both brands of flowers that can be seen below contain the same grade of flowers (Above A+);

The original branding from The blue pea company
Lamun Tea are a wholesaler of many different products including blue butterfly pea flowers
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We are back!

What an unusual time it has been since 2020. First brexit, then the pandemic. Finally things are starting to go back to normal the the farm and we thank you for your patience. Unfortunately our old web site and all the data was lost when our hosting company went into bankruptcy due to the pandemic.

For now we are only able to ship to the United Kingdom and all orders arrive within 2 business days. We will be adding more countries to the list including the whole of Europe over the next few weeks.

Enjoy your blue butterfly pea flowers whatever you enjoy doing with them whether it be making blue bubble tea, a blue gin and tonic cocktail or any other magic colour changing recipe.

For all the customers that are emailing about Durian. in 2021 we had a flood which killed off a lot of our Durian trees but we are now working with a great farmer who has the most delicious freeze dried durian chunks and powders. These will all be added to our store in the coming weeks!

Thanks for your patience and welcome back to our website 🙂

A delicious smoothy made with blue butterfly pea flowers (clitoria tearnatea). The magic color changing tea