Welcome to bluepea.co.uk and thanks for visiting our family’s store;

We specialise in growing the prettiest and finest blue butterfly pea flowers (clitoria ternatea). Throughout the year we also use our land to grow several other crops including rice, beans, pumpkins and lots of different fruits and vegetables.

Our farm is now 3 years old and we have successfully become sustainable and have never had any need to use chemicals or fertilisers to make our flowers beautiful. We use only natural method,hard work, sunlight and water.

The future goal is to grow several new types off fruits and add chilis, herbs, spices and many other products to our store. Meanwhile we are actively planting durian, mango, bamboo and eucalyptus trees for the future.

By digging several large ponds and hitting ground water we have become independent from any government or council water systems and can continue to grow our flowers, food and live a quiet and peaceful life, forever.

where have we been during the pandemic?

The old fahioned method of drying fresh blue butterfly pea flowers